Monday, December 16, 2019

A few pics from the WINGS 2019 Ornament Exchange, which was a great success, as usual!  There were more than 50 in attendance.  We ate, played games, and had a Chinese auction ornament exchange.  Great fun was had by all.  Here's a few pics.  More to follow soon.  Merry Christmas!

Ava Ann Marie Stevens drew #1

Deidra Burns deciding which one she wants

Decision made!

Bailey Lewis making a decision

Bailey decision made

Brandy Davidison

Caitlyn Howard

Christy Sizemore not liking her choice

Courtney Forman may be taking someone's ornament

Danielle Owens is very happy with hers

Kathy Reed

Kathy seems to be happy too

Kylee Roberts - go UK!

Melissa Warren

Yep, Melissa's happy too

Time for a steal by Sherry Owens

Sue Lunsford

Ava Stevens got to choose any of the ornaments
because she drew #1.  Sorry, Melissa!

Happy little Ava!

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