Friday, January 11, 2019

Here are a few pics from our WINGS meeting for January.  Sister Candon Stevens has taken over as the WINGS Ministry President, and she gave her personal testimony of her weight loss journey.  It was so powerful and encouraging.  Everyone present felt so blessed and it was an honest and compelling revelation.  The COGWC are blessed to have Candon and Brad Stevens as their Associate Pastors!  Thank you, Sister Candon!  Enjoy the pics.

Sister Carolene Cole

Barb Bishop and Doris Gross

Sister Cole and her daughter, Lori Nolan

Brandy Davidson, Melissa Warren and More Beautiful Ladies
(Forefront of Pic)

Kathy Reed, Rosetta Lakes, Carolyn Smith and Denise Rogers

Hannah Stevens, Vicki Burns and Candon Stevens

Here are a few more pics from our Ornament Exchange:

Barb Bishop and Candon Stevens

Brenda Rice

Deidra Burns

Caylyn Warren and Ashley Gay

Monday, December 17, 2018

A big shout-out of thanks to the
Federal Correctional Institution of Manchester
for their generous donation of canned goods
and $120 cash toward the COGWC Open Hands
Food Pantry for December!

Special thanks to Jonathan Barnhart, Warden,
and all the staff for participating in the
"Feds Feed Families" Program and
donating to our Food Pantry.  COGWC and
approximately 430 families of Manchester, KY, say
WINGS Christmas Ornament Exchange.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Deidra Burns & Candon Stevens

Beautiful Ladies of the COGWC!

Ava Stevens

Beverly Rogers

More Beautiful Ladies and Sweethearts!

Hope Stevens

Hannah Stevens

Cathy Murrell & Candon Stevens

Rosetta Lakes

Tiff Collopy

COGWC Ladies' WINGS annual Christmas Ornament Exchange was another great success!  Plenty of good food, beautiful decorations, Christmas ornaments, and fun.  Another glorious year celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior!

Monday, November 19, 2018

The COGWC added eight new members recently on Sunday morning.  Here are a few beautiful ladies who joined.  Connie Barnette, Linda Couch, Courtney Forman, and Ashley Carroll.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

At our monthly WINGS meeting on Tuesday, we placed a well-deserved emphasis on some special ladies in our church.  They deserve the recognition.  Thank you, Ladies, for all you do!
Bettie Thompson

Connie Barnett

Doris Gross

Julie Runion

Martha Butler

Myrtle Woods

Sue Lunsford

Teri Garrett

This was won by Sister Doris Gross

Scenes from our WINGS meeting on Tuesday evening.  Special emphasis was placed on ladies who are very dear to our hearts.  An appreciation gift was bought for each one in honor of them.  There were 45 in attendance.  A special Thank You to Morgan Asher Jones for planning and organizing this special service!
Martha Butler

Sarah Smith

Pam Asher

Danielle Owens

Haven Mullins

Martha Butler & Myrtle Woods

Sue Lunsford and Baby Myles

Teri Garrett, Melinda Butler & Danielle Garrett

Tiff Colopy & Deidra Burns

Barb Bishop & Bettie Thompson

Connie Owens & Martha Butler

Candon Stevens

Beverly Rogers